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Full Description

Gary Willis Signature Tone and Sound

Professional bass player Gary Willias has worked with Ibanez to make his own basses for over 20 years now. Since 1999, these basses have defined Gary's sound as much as he has defined them. A wonderful symbiosis between musician and instrument has been at the forefront of Willis's career and Ibenez bass design philosophy. Ibanez have decided to give you the chance to play one of these incredible instruments. If you're a fan of Willis's or just love that warm Jazz tone of his playing style then you are sure to love this bass guitar. Built with tonal quality in mind, with features that help it stand apart from other bass guitars. The 5-String GWB20TH bass guitar is a masterpiece in instrument design, don't miss out.

Responsive Fretless Neck

In order to obtain the movement of Willis' style, Ibanez have opted for one key features: The fretless neck. Although the neck is marked to help with playing and finger positioning you can still obtain the distinct fretless sound. The dynamic movement between notes is not lost on the GWB20TH-TQF and will completely change up how you play your instrument. With a little bit of practice you can be playing bass lines from artists like Willis, Jaco Pastorius, and fretless king, Tony Franklin with authentic style.

World Class Build

Despite the effort put into making this bass an authentic Willis signature. The time has also been put into the overall build of the bass. The bass is based upon a Basswood body with an Ash top. This gives the bass a very full tone as basswood is suited to low end accentuation. The neck is Maple, giving it great playability, allowing you to move up and down the neck with ease and the ebony fingerboard that tops it all off is perfectly suited to help you grip onto the frets and articulate your notes wonderfully.

Articulate Pick Ups

Finishing off the incredible design and build of this bass guitar is the incredible Aguilar pick ups. The DCB pick ups give the bass its signature tone. The soapbar pick ups use ceramic bar magnets to provide an extremely dynamic tone. The attack is responsive meaning you can articulate accurately to really push your bass playing to the next level. The overtones are rich and sustains sing. The perfect pick ups for stylistic playing.

Ibanez Bass Pedigree

The Ibanez story is an intriguing one. The first historical mentions of Ibanez guitars come from the 1930s, when the instrument sales division of a Japanese bookstore chain began manufacturing Spanish acoustic guitars. Their strange start to life was a sign of things to come: Ibanez regularly got into legal trouble in the mid-20th century for copying the designs of Western guitar manufacturers.

After a particularly costly lawsuit in the 1970s, Ibanez abandoned their strategy of using other established models as the basis for their own instruments. Instead, they began crafting their own, unique guitars in the hope of establishing themselves in the guitar-making world. This was a move that paid off massively - the individual style and sound of Ibanez's instruments set them apart from everything else available on the market, and the company quickly became a gigantic success story.

In the intervening years, a wide selection of some of the music industry's biggest and best artists have used Ibanez instruments in their music. Their bass guitars have gained particularly legendary status for their unique, wide-reaching sound. They've been used in the music of many well-known artists from a plethora of genres, ranging from U2 to Slipknot, Earth, Wind, & Fire to Carrie Underwood, and Al Green to Snoop Dogg. That's why you can be certain that the GWB20TH-TQF is an instrument good enough for the very best.


  • Series: Gary Willis series

Body & Bridge

  • Body: Basswood
  • Bridge: Std. bridge (16.5mm String spacing)
  • Construction: Bolt-On
  • Colour: Tequila Sunrise Flat

Neck & Fingerboard

  • Neck: Maple
  • Fingerboard: Ebony
  • Radius: 12''
  • Frets: None (Fretless)
  • Inlays: White Dots
  • Nut Width: 45mm

Electronics & Hardware

  • Pickup: Aguilar DCB bridge pickup
  • Equalizer: Aguilar OBP-2 EQ
  • Controls: Volume, Tone
  • Hardware: Black


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