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- Standard 5 drums 3 cymbals all support double triggering, with pinch edge stop function, stainless steel bracket luxury configuration.

- Contains 467 sounds, 30 sets of default drum kits, 20 sets of custom drum kits, and a versatile combination of sounds.

- Each drum and cymbal can set volume, sensitivity, curve, anti-crosstalk, sound field balance, dynamic range, etc.

The retrigger level can also be set to prevent false triggering.

- With rich functions such as recording, playback, browsing, looping, etc.; support MIDI input and output.

- Built-in 15 song accompaniment music, you can also use the AUXIN interface to connect external devices to play accompaniment music.

- With multi-function metronome, time value display, help you better master the beat.

- Built-in Bluetooth, can be connected to the PAD wirelessly, and can be used to help the APP application.


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Avatar DRM SD301