• ผู้ผลิต: AKG
  • รหัสสินค้า: AKG C547 BL
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The C547 BL Boundary Microphone from AKG is designed to capture audio while surface mounted on stages, podiums, desktops and more. The C547 BL features a hypercardioid polar pattern that effectively minimizes noise and ambiance. A rugged non-crush enclosure protects the microphone from damage whenever accidentally stepped on. The low-frequency roll-off filter eliminates foot-fall noise, rumble and other low frequency noise. The C547 BL Boundary Microphone is also an ideal kick-drum and percussion microphone.

A microphone for stages, podiums, desktops, and other similar placement settings

Hypercardioid polar pattern effectively eliminates off-axis noise and ambiance

An ideal kick-drum/percussion microphone

Rugged crush-resistant enclosure

Low-frequency roll-off filter minimizes foot-fall noise, hum, rumble and surface noise.

Includes W547 windscreen


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